There are two ways COVID Compliance can be used to validate COVID-19 vaccination status or test results:

  1. Before check-in, people who possess a valid proof of vaccination document, negative PCR test, or recovery certificate can upload the relevant documentation to Proxyclick as part of Remote Registration. An administrator can then use this documentation to decide the access for these people.

  2. At check-in, people with a valid EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate can scan their QR code at the kiosk. Proxyclick automatically reviews the validity of the certificate and approves access.​

Both can be implemented simultaneously at any location.

This feature is an add-on for Premium and Enterprise plans. Contact or send us a message on the live chat for more information.

How does COVID Compliance work?

1. COVID Compliance for proof of vaccination documents

This option is designed for anyone who has a proof of vaccination document, or proof of a negative test, or recent recovery from COVID-19.

Step #1

To activate this feature head to Settings > Remote Registration > Configure Remote Registration flow.

Step #2

When configuring the Remote Registration flow, you can add an additional field as part of your existing flow.

To create the new field for the upload of the file you need to create a New Question under the 'Questions' tab. Now select the option 'File'.

Step #3

Fill in the 'Name of the field', the 'Question', and select the 'Next Step' for after the question has been answered.

Tips 💡

You can add a question prior to the request for uploading proof of vaccination documents, asking whether the visitor has or has not a valid document and based on the answer define if they are allowed to check-in or not.

You can also define the retention period of proof of vaccination documents under the Custom Fields Settings.

How do visitors submit proof of vaccination documents?

Once set up, pre-registered visitors will receive a standard invitation email and an additional email to prepare for their visit.

The 'prepare your visit' email includes a link that allows the visitor to answer the questions you have set up in the flow, which should now additionally also request them to upload the proof of vaccination documents.

How can a reviewer verify proof of vaccination documents?

Once the visitor has completed the Remote Registration, the information is available on the dashboard for anyone with the right permissions to validate the Covid compliance documentation. This is available in the relevant column on the logbook and can be accessed by clicking on the link on the file name.

2. COVID Compliance for EU Digital COVID-19 Certificates

This option is designed for anyone who has a valid EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate.

Step #1

To activate this feature head to Settings > Configure Kiosk > Visitor Identification.

Here toggle on "EU Digital COVID Certificate Checks on the kiosk" and it will be automatically added as the first step of the check-in process on the kiosk.

Visitors will now be asked to scan their EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate as part of their check-in at the kiosk.

Tips 💡

If you would like to use the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate feature for your employees, you have 2 options:

  • Companies with a simple check-in flow can use their current location and create a custom field to differentiate visitors from employees.

  • Companies with a more complex check-in flow can create a second location. This location can be used to manage employees. Here enabling the “Returning Visitor” functionality and uploading employee profiles means employees just need to enter their email address on check-in and then scan their EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate.

This feature is currently only available in the visitor settings and cannot be combined with employee features such as Desk booking. For more details on how to implement this feature for employees don’t hesitate to contact us.

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