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Anticipate risks and provide a better employee experience at the workplace

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This feature allows you to present your employees with messages, videos and images that contain relevant information to their booking and questions to screen their presence including the purpose or assess health and safety risks.


  1. A valid subscription plan, Essential includes the ability to add questions and messages and Premium or above, SmartRules, Images and Videos as well

  2. A grandfathered plan, including Prime and Enterprise (2016) include all options

Activate employee questionnaire

You can configure your flow before you activate employee booking. To do so, go to Settings > Employee > Booking > Questionnaire at Booking > Configure flow

If you have set up your Custom Fields, add them in the desired order or create a new question or message from the side panel.

You can also upload images or add a link to a YouTube hosted video.

Tip 💡Employees will have to watch the entire video before proceeding to the next screen, this allows you to present them with required steps related to Safety and Health or other regulations.

You can use our SmartRules feature to automatically decline the booking, to do so select "Add a rule" and as a consequence the "No check-in allowed" option like shown below:

Employees that meet the condition for this rule will automatically show under the status Denied on the Employee logbook.

Additionally, you can add multiple rules for the same question or to multiple questions. Once done, Save your flow and ensure Employee booking is also activated:

Bookings and questionnaire can now be completed via the Proovr app.

Schedule your questionnaire

Some questions may be time sensitive, for example those related to possible health symptoms or where confirmation of the presence or requirements may not be provided too far in advance.

Under Settings > Employee > Booking you can also select the correct time to send the notification to employees via the app to complete the questionnaire.

If the questionnaire is not completed, the employee will remain in Pending status on the logbook. Additionally, they will not be permitted to check-in unless they complete it onsite via the Proovr app, or if the permission is enabled, manually via the Dashboard.

Tip💡You can set up a questionnaire for your visitors and contractors as well, this is done via Remote Registration and does not require Proovr to be completed.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via the messenger on your Dashboard or at .

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