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Add an additional layer of safety to your return to work strategy and allow your employees to book a desk in advance

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Help your employees to return to the office safely and boost productivity by offering a simple and secure way to book a space and a desk.

Our new desk booking feature is part of our Employee features and can be accessed via our mobile app, Proovr.


  1. A valid subscription, including Essential and above or...

  2. A grandfathered plan like Enterprise (2016) or Prime

Enable desk booking

Once you have enabled Employee check-in, you will find booking options under Settings>Employees:

To configure your spaces (floors, areas, zones within your location) and desk capacity click on Configure and add your spaces, occupancy per space and if desired, your floor plan:

Tip 💡 If you have configured an occupancy limit for your location, this number will override the available number of desks on your spaces and block any additional bookings after reached.

Desk booking for employees

Once enabled, the employee will be shown with two or three (if floor plan added) additional screens when booking their presence in Proovr in the following order:

Step 1 >

Step 2 >

Step 3 >

Office booking flow

Select date

Select space

Step 4 >

Step 5 >

Step 6

Select desk

Floor plan (optional)

Questionnaire and confirmation

If the booking was successful, the presence will show as "Expected" in the Employee logbook and we will display the desk selected for that employee:

Tip 💡For added privacy, you can hide employee names from the booking overview in Proovr by selecting this option in the Settings>Employees>Booking>Spaces and desks>Configure

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat.

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