Using our building logbook

Get a real-time overview and take action for visitors of multiple locations or tenants in a building or campus.

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You can help your reception and security teams to remain efficient and provide them with a single logbook to review and take actions of visitors in multiple locations or multiple tenants in a single building.

If you have a multi-tenant building, campus or multiple locations, this logbook will group all of your visitors for the calendar day in a single place.


  1. A valid subscription to Essential or above with multiple locations under the same administrator. Also available to Tenant and Custom plans as well as Enterprise (2016) (Grandfathered).

  2. Important: You will need to create a building before using this functionality.

Accessing and using the building logbook

To access the building logbook, you can use our location navigation bar at the top of your Dashboard, this is the same option that you use to switch between locations:

Please note that this option is only accessible to those users that are linked to the location where the building is created, this could be the base account of a tenant building or your main location in a campus ๐Ÿข

The logbook contains the status, expected/actual check-in and check-out times as well as the visitor information and location they are visiting.

You can get a full overview of the current calendar day ("Today") or navigate to dates in the past or in future, empowering you to get a full overview of historic and actionable visits.

Please note that the user will need to have access to the visits associated with the location under Settings > General settings > User rights to view or take action.

View - See all visitors of the day

Change status/Delete - See all visitors of the day and/or delete visits in the logbook

By default, the visitors are sorted on ascending visitor check-in time making it convenient for the reception to change the status of the visitor from the Dashboard if necessary. Similar to our standard visitor logbook, we offer a side-panel to review the details of the visit and visitor as well as the host:

We will be adding additional options to this logbook in the future and would like you hear your ideas, you can always share here or contact us at

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