How can I manage my visitors?

See common ways to use Proxyclick for managing your visits and visitors

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Proxyclick's Visitor Management features offer a wide range of possibilities for you to manage your visits and visitors.

This article will review some of the most popular Visitor Management features and the plans they are available on:

Touchless Check-in (Security+, or QR pack)

Calendar (available as an add-on)

Recurring Visits (Efficiency+)

ACS (available as an add-on)

Group Visits (Efficiency+)

WiFi Credentials (available as an add-on)

Visitor Logbook

Single Visits (Prime)

Recurring Visits (Efficiency+)

  • Create a series of recurring visits (available for single visits and group visits). You can control the frequency and timing of the visits and also decide if there should be an end date or not.

  • More info: (article to be created)

Group Visits (Efficiency+)

  • Create a visitor group and schedule the group visits all together (either a single visit or recurring). You can add visitors to the group individually or via spreadsheet upload.

Remote Registration (Security+)

  • Send a questionnaire to your visitors prior to their scheduled visit. You can control the timing of when the email is sent, and have the ability to deny visitors based on their answers. If a visitor is denied, their host will be notified.

Automatically Delete Visits (Privacy+)


Touchless Check-In (Security+, QR Pack)

  • Use QR codes to streamline the check-in process and provide a touchless experience to your visitors.

  • Please note, at the time of this article's writing (March 2021), not all features are supported in touchless check-in.

Pre-registered visitors only (Security+)

  • Require all visitors to be pre-registered and prevent unexpected visitors from being able to check-in using the iPad.

  • Configure this in your settings Settings > Configure kiosk > Visitor identification

Print Customized Visitor Badges (Security+)

  • Create a customized template for your visitor badges to include a visitor photo, QR code, and other visit-specific information.

  • More info: Printing Badges


For a list of all our available integrations, visit the Marketplace.

Calendar (add-on available, minimum Prime)

Access Control Systems (reach out to sales)

WiFi Credentials (add-on available, minimum Prime)

Check-in Notifications (add-on available, minimum Prime)

  • Receive check-in notifications and have the ability to send replies to reception from within your existing apps, including Slack, MS Teams and Skype for Business.

Please reach out to if you have any questions!

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