Why isn't my kiosk working?

What to do when your kiosk is having issues

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Are you having kiosk issues?

For timely troubleshooting, please follow these steps to see if it solves the problem:

Quick look: Settings > Kiosk list

1) App version

Check the App Store on your iPad to see what version of the Proxyclick app you are using. Make sure to update the app to the most recent version if it’s not already.

On the iPad: Home page > App Store > search for 'Proxyclick'

2) iOS version

Check on the iPad settings to see what iOS the iPad is using. Make sure to update to the most recent version.

On the iPad: Home page > Settings > General > Software Update

For more information on how to check your app and iOS versions: How to update your app

3) New kiosks

Delete and then recreate kiosks from your Proxyclick account. Reconnect the iPad using the newly generated activation code.

From your Proxyclick account (via web browser): Settings > Kiosk list > Click existing kiosk > Delete kiosk > Click 'Add new'

Name new kiosk and save

Use new activation code to connect iPad (note: activation code from below is an example)

4) Check system requirements and network traffic

If there seems to be connectivity or data transfer issues, please confirm the following:

  1. Traffic to the following domains must be allowed: api.proxyclick.com; app.proxyclick.com; static.proxyclick.com; kiosk.proxyclick.com

  2. Traffic to and from *.pndsn.com must be allowed for real-time updates

  3. Please check any firewall rule that may limit traffic to and from the app

More information available here: System Requirements

5) Thanks for trying those steps

If you’ve followed these steps and still have issues, please contact us via the chat or support@proxyclick.com.

Our support team may request that you activate the iPad’s logs. It doesn’t hurt to activate in advance if you are able. Instructions can be found here: Activating Logs

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