💡 Please see this article to ensure the process below is suitable for your access control system.

Our access control platform uses QR codes to offer the most seamless welcome to your visitors. They can arrive at your premises already in possession of a QR code that will allow them to access the building.

If physical RFID cards or fobs are still preferred (and your access control system manages permissions in a way that allows) you can follow the process below to issue RFID credentials to your visitors.

⚠️ This is a manual process, unlike our issuing of QR codes, but still satisfies the goal of providing a physical access credential

1️⃣ On arrival, the visitor will need to visit the front desk

2️⃣ As part of your check-in process, a member of staff must find the profile that Proxyclick has automatically added to the access control system (ACS) when the visit was created.
3️⃣ A physical card, fob, etc. may now be associated with the visitor's profile in the ACS.
4️⃣ As Proxyclick manages the access given to the visitor profile, any cards added to the profile will automatically be given the correct permissions.
5️⃣ When the visitor checks-out we automatically apply the correct "Checked-out" permissions and they can now return the card at the front desk.

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