You may want to issue a physical card to visitors and still have all the benefits of Proxyclick managing their access. Here you can see if this is possible with your access control system while making sure Proxyclick removes their access to the building once they check-out.

To manage visitor access, we create a profile for the visitor in your access control system (ACS) and also create a QR code credential for them in place of a physical card. We then manage the permissions for that visitor based on the status of their visit in Proxyclick.

💡 See "How we manage visitor access" for more information

Some systems manage permissions based on the user profile in the ACS, others apply permissions on the credential/card/badge for the user. This determines whether you can make use of physical cards with Proxyclick's ACS integration:

We can only manage the permissions for cards added to a profile that we already manage permissions for, or the specific credential added by Proxyclick.

See the table below to understand what is possible with the ACS you use:

Access Control System

Suitable for use with physical cards?

CEM - AC2000

Genetec - Security Center


Lenel - OnGuard

Nedap - AEOS


Paxton - Net2


S2 - Netbox


Software House - CCure 9000


✔️ = Permissions in the ACS are based on the user profile/group

❌ = Permissions are based on the card that is added - manually added cards will not be associated with the Proxyclick user profile

💡 If the table above shows that your system is suitable, see "Using cards and fobs with Proxyclick access control" for more information.

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