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Mobile check-in for employees
Mobile check-in for employees

Check-in and out from your workplace via geolocation on your mobile device

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With Mobile check-in, you can offer your employees a new way to check-in and out using their phones. No shared hardware such as kiosks are needed.

Mobile check-in uses GPS data from the employee's device to ensure logbook information is accurate. With the Proxyclick Proovr app, the processing of location data happens locally on the employee's device offering a seamless experience without sacrificing data integrity or privacy.


  1. This feature is part of our Essential plan and above. Also included in our grandfathered plans like Prime and Enterprise (2016) (Grandfathered)

  2. Most recent version of the Proxyclick Proovr app and compatible iOS and Android versions

Configure Mobile check-in

From Settings>Employees>Check-in, you will be able to activate this feature and set your perimeter. Your perimeter is the radius around your location address that will define the area in which check-in will be allowed.

You can configure your perimeter anywhere in between 100 meters (109 yards) and 1000 meters (1094 yards).

Employee experience and privacy

After enabling Mobile check-in and opening Proovr for the first time, the employee will be required to give permission to the app to access the location while using the app.

This permission is required in order to use Mobile check-in. The location data is not sent to Proxyclick servers at any time and therefore is not stored by us. The entire process happens locally in the device, protecting your employees' privacy and personal data.

Tip 💡 For Apple iPhone devices, the employee can grant permission to always allow access to their location to receive push notifications whenever the perimeter has been entered and easily prompt the check-in.

Employees can check-in via the Actions tab on Proovr at any time by selecting the Check-in to ... option:

Employees who enable this option will not have to interact with a Proxyclick kiosk to check-in and out.

If you wish to enable kiosk check-in for employees visit this help article.

Important disclaimer: It is the customer’s responsibility to activate Proxyclick features only if permitted by the applicable laws of your location.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at .

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