As part of our Employee features, Daily occupancy allows you to keep track, in real-time, of the number of employees expected onsite, and set a limit to ensure too many people are not present.


Participation in our Employee Beta program is required.

Configuring Daily occupancy

To activate the feature, you can go to Settings>Employees>General and toggle on Daily occupancy to enter your current limit:

A new component will now be added to your Employee logbook to show expected occupancy and the current limit (this limit is your workplace capacity):

Keeping track of occupancy

The color-coded progress bar on top of your Employee logbook will show you in real-time your expected occupancy for the current day.

Green indicates you are currently at 90% or less of your current capacity, while red indicates you have passed this threshold.

Employees whose status is Expected and Checked-in will be counted towards your limit, while those marked as Denied or Checked-out will be excluded. To learn more about the Employee logbook and what each status means visit our help article here.

All users with access to the Employee logbook will be able to keep track of the current occupancy. Only employees are considered at this time, this feature excludes expected and checked-in visitors.

If you have any feedback about this feature you would like to share with us, visit our product portal here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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