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Scan your employees' temperature when checking in
Scan your employees' temperature when checking in

Added security to your employee flow: Allow or deny entrance to your premises based on temperature measurement

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With this new feature you can add a mandatory temperature scan to your employee flow so that check-in will only be allowed after passing the scan. This will add an additional layer of security to your pre-screening process for anyone entering the workplace.


  1. This feature is part of our Premium plan and above and compatible with grandfathered plans including Prime and Enterprise (2016) (Grandfathered)

  2. Requires a supported Ascent iSPOT Thermal Trace device

Important disclaimer: It is the customer’s responsibility to activate Proxyclick features only if permitted by the applicable laws of your location.

Activating employee temperature scan

Step 1

Connect the Ascent Thermal Scanner integration to your location from Settings > Integrations. You can activate without additional charges for this integration but only for a limited amount of time, see requirements for details.

You will need the serial number of your device(s) to connect in order to complete this process.

Tip 💡 You can find the serial number of your device by going into the device's admin console and selecting the "Control command" section.

It is possible to connect multiple devices to one location or a single device to multiple locations, allowing full flexibility for multi-tenant or campus setup.

Step 2
You will now be able to activate the feature from Settings > Employee > Check-in

Step 3

Configure your Ascent Thermal Scanner (find our comprehensive guide here).

How does employee temperature scan work?

When temperature scanning is enabled, every employee that attempts to check in to the location will be asked to take a temperature scan.

  • If the scanned temperature is below the threshold temperature configured on the thermal scanner, the employee will be allowed to check in.

  • If the scanned temperature is higher than the threshold temperature configured on the thermal scanner, the employee won't be able to proceed with checking in.

Temperature scanning can be combined with employee booking and questionnaire.

The employee experience

When your employees arrive on site and find themselves in front of the scanner, they will receive on-screen instructions to proceed:

If the outcome of the scan is "FAIL," they will receive a message indicating such.

If the outcome is "PASS," a QR code will be displayed that can then be scanned via the Proxyclick Proovr app to check-in.

They will no longer have to go to the kiosk to complete the check-in process. If you offer both options and they attempt to scan the QR code on the kiosk first, they will be presented with an error message and will not be allowed to check-in.


At Proxyclick, we care about your employees' privacy. Therefore, we neither store any results of the scan nor display an indicator on the Employee logbook. Employees with a booking that fails the scan will remain as "Expected."

While your Ascent device may support facial recognition, Proxyclick does not and therefore this feature will be disabled by default in the flow.

You can click here for a full overview of how your data is handled during the process.

How to order the Ascent Thermal Scanner?

Contact us at or via our support messenger for more information about pricing and how to place your order from our certified partner.

The device is sold by Ascent, a Proxyclick partner, with global shipping available via FedEx or DHL that takes approximately 2 weeks (but can vary depending on the country).

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat.

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