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Employee logbook and contact tracing
Employee logbook and contact tracing

Keep a real-time overview of employee presence using the Dashboard and be prepared to export contact tracing reports if needed

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Our Employee logbook is available in the Dashboard and allows you to keep track of employee presence and real-time status updated using the Proxyclick Proovr app or one of our Access Control Integrations.


  1. Employee check-in features including logbook and contact tracing require a valid subscription, Essential or above.

  2. You must be an administrator to extract contact tracing information.

Employee logbook and presence status

The Employee logbook is accessible from the sidebar on the Dashboard. Administrators can give access to this logbook by enabling "Can have access to the Employee logbook" under General Settings > User rights.

You will have an overview of today's expected presences and the current status of the employee visit:

When Employee booking is enabled, this means that the employee has successfully completed a booking for that calendar day and is expected at the location.


This status will show when the booking has been created but the questionnaire has been scheduled for a later time or has not been completed by the employee.


The check-in and check-out experience is powered by the same QR code at the kiosk. The message shown to the employee when scanning confirms whether they checked in or checked out.


  • Manual check-out: If the employee uses the QR code again at the kiosk within the same day of their check-in before midnight, that will be considered a check-out.

  • Auto-checkout: If an employee doesn't check out upon exiting, they will be automatically checked out at midnight. The employee's status will be displayed as checked-out until they scan their code at the kiosk again.


When Employee booking is enabled, it is possible to create a questionnaire in combination with Smart rules to deny access to an employee based on answers to your questionnaire.
Additionally, you can cancel an existing booking in your logbook or manually check-in an employee from the Logbook. To complete these actions you will need to have these permissions enabled from Settings > General Settings > User Rights

Tip πŸ’‘ Should you need to cancel a booking due to occupancy limits or changes to your policies, the employee (s) will be automatically notified via email about the cancellation of their booking.

Exporting your employee data

You can export your employee data from the employee logbook at any time, this is similar to our visitor export options. This user right can be granted to anyone that may need to create reports or analyse the employee information for compliance reasons. To enable go to Settings > General settings > User rights.

The following data points are included in the export:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • License plate

  • Function

  • Status

  • Date

  • Check-in

  • check out

  • Duration

  • booked/booked at

  • [Custom fields] β†’ these are the answers to the questionnaire at booking

  • CheckinVia β†’ check-in method used (Proovr, Dashboard)

  • CheckinBy β†’ person who performed the check-in (can be another employee in case of Dashboard)

  • CheckOutvia

  • CheckoutBy

Contact tracing

This feature is available in all locations with the Employee Check-in feature enabled and only Administrators of the location can access via General Settings > User management or alternatively, from the "Manage employees" option on the Employee logbook.

Step 1 - Identify your subject and date range

Click on the additional options of the subject user and select the "Trace contacts" option.

Select a date range, a maximum of 14 days is allowed to search in one query.

Step 2 - Preview the number of contacts and download your file

Your query will immediately display the number of possible contacts and by clicking "Export list" your download of the relevant data will initiate. The file will be available in your browser downloads destination.

The following data points will be available in your export, if available:

  • Type - Visitor/Employee

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Company name

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Mobile number

  • Language

  • Function

  • License plate

  • Number of contacts

  • Overlap (in minutes)

Please consider your visitor data retention policy when using this feature.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat!

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