Employees can now book their visits to the workplace in advance, giving you the visibility and control needed to assess any risks. You can also screen them for symptoms before they arrive using a questionnaire.


  • This feature can be activated in any valid subscription plan including Medium (Grandfathered), Large (Grandfathered) and Enterprise (Grandfathered) as well as Prime only for a limited amount of time.

Activate employee booking

Employee booking can be enabled from Settings > Employees > Check-in.

As soon as this option is enabled, a new action will be visible to your employees in the Proxyclick Proovr app.

Employees will only be able to check-in on the days they have a booking. If they attempt to check-in without a booking, they will receive a message via the app.

From Settings>Employee>Booking, you can limit or expand the date range in which an employee can book a presence, from "0" (book only the day of) to "60" days in advance.

Employees with access to multiple locations will have the ability to select which location they want to create a booking for.

Automated booking acceptance

As soon as the employee books themselves in, it will be automatically accepted, and their presence will show as "Expected" in the Employee logbook.

Additionally, the employee will be able to check-in and out throughout the day. For example, when visiting a client or going out for lunch. This is to ensure all activity is taken into consideration for the purposes of contact tracing and using the Emergency list.

The employee can always cancel their booking via the mobile app, releasing their seat for other employees to book based on your occupancy limits.

Add an additional layer of security by enabling Employee questionnaire

You can use our Remote registration feature to create a questionnaire for your employees in combination with Employee booking. Customize your flow to assess risk and reinforce your Health and Safety policies with questions, messages, images, and videos.

Use Smart rules to deny a booking based on answers to your custom questions. If a booking is denied, you will find it in your Employee logbook and the employee will be informed via Proovr.

Tip 💡Identify your external visitors and your employees when filling in the questionnaire, then using smart rules you will be able to present two different flows according to your policies. i.e. What type of visitor are you?

Employee booking and questionnaire are included in our Security + pack.

Contact us at support@proxyclick.com if you have any additional questions.

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