How to set up User Rights

Determine the features each User Group has access to by setting up their user rights

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This article explains how to manage which features and sections of the tool will be available to users according to the group you assign them to. You need admin access to view these settings.

What are User Groups

In the User Rights section of the account settings, you will see different User Groups.

The User Groups are:

  • Default (hosts who can invite visitors on their own behalf and only see their own visits)

  • Administrators (have access to all settings and can change set up at any stage)

  • Reception (can view all the visitors throughout the day)

  • Security (can view all visitors of the day and configure Watchlists)

  • Assistants (can create visits on behalf of other users)

  • Agents (additional user group if needed - to set up integrations, etc)

Below are more details about each feature and the related user right.
πŸ”ŽRight-click the image to open in a new tab and download the below picture:


Step by step guide to defining User Rights for your location

Step 1: Overview the User rights

To access the user rights, go to Settings and under General Settings click on User rights.

Step 2: Define the User rights for each group

For each user group on this page, click on Manage rights to set up the features each group has access to.

On this page, tick a right to enable it for the user group, or remove the tick it to clear away this right.

Administrators have all rights on Proxyclick and this user group does not need to be setup.

Step 3: Assign users to a user group

Once you are done setting up the user group, if needed, you may assign a user to the Reception, Administrators, Reception, Security, or Agents user group. All users fall into the Default user group when they are added to a location.

  • Either click on the user count in the user group for a quick add:

You can either remove a user by clicking on the Remove button next to their name or add new users by typing their name in the search bar.

  • Alternatively, from the User management tab, you can manage the rights of a specific user by clicking on the 3 vertical dots next to their name:

You will be able to assign one or more user group:

☝ Please note:

  • The group names (Default, Administrator, Reception, etc.) cannot be edited and it is not possible to add/remove a user group.

  • You may add a user to multiple user groups to increase their rights.

  • It is only possible to assign user rights within the Settings found on the Dashboard.

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