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Choosing the best options for your kiosk
Choosing the best options for your kiosk

All you need to know about our hardware recommendations and lease options

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In order to make the most out of Proxyclick, you will need two main pieces of hardware:

1. an iPad, and
2. a tablet holder

Note: If you require your visitors or contractors to wear a physical badge while in your location, you'll also need a printer.

Our recommended devices

As a part of our due diligence, we test different devices to ensure the best possible experience when using our kiosk app. This includes collecting feedback regularly from our users. Here are some of our learnings:

1. Apple iPad

Proxyclick is compatible with any iPad running the latest 3 versions of iOS. (For example, if the current iOS is 14, an iPad that is compatible with iOS 12, 13, and 14 would be compatible with Proxyclick). However, maintaining the latest version of iOS ensures access to the latest Proxyclick features.

You can click here to confirm if your existing iPad is compatible. On average, a brand-new iPad will be compatible with Proxyclick for approximately 3-5 years.

Our recommended device for experience, durability, and screen size is the base model iPad 7th Generation. It features a 10,2" screen and a sleek design with a very reasonable starting price for the 32GB model.

Tip 💡 If you will only be using the device for Proxyclick, the 32GB storage option is enough to efficiently run our application.

2. Tablet holder

At Proxyclick, we use Bouncepad as our main provider of tablet holders. They're focused on delivering premium, fit-for-purpose kiosks. Normally, delivery only takes 2 - 5 business days.

Depending on your needs, we recommend one of these three options:

Counter 60⍛


  • The base makes it simple to move around on the countertop

  • Encourages focused interaction

  • Provides stability without a permanent fixing

  • Can be tethered with one of our reinforced cables for extra security

  • Mounts are possible in landscape for use with our kiosk application

Tip 💡 As a Proxyclick customer, you qualify for a 10% discount when purchasing this Bouncepad model by clicking here.


The elegant Bouncepad Floorstanding commands attention as the ultimate standalone tablet display for locations where a reception desk may not be accessible to visitors.


  • At 114cm (nearly 4 feet) high, it’s the perfect size for standing users

  • Secure adapter base allows you to hide your adapter inside for continuous power

  • Can be combined with a battery pack for an easily portable and cable-free option

  • Can be mounted in landscape mode (ideal for our kiosk app)

  • Weighted base prevents tipping but can be fixed to the floor for extra stability

Tip 💡 Considering buying a printer as well? The Floorstanding with Brother Printer mount could be the right option for you, featuring a holder for the Brother QL820NWB (our recommended printer for black and white badges).


The Bouncepad Wallmount is a low profile solution for vertical surfaces and walls, allowing you to present Proxyclick at eye level for your visitors.


  • Short mounting stalk keeps the tablet close to your wall for displaying digital content

  • Run cables through the inside to keep the tablet kiosk continuously powered and looking tidy

  • Can be mounted in landscape orientation for Proxyclick

  • Simple and fuss-free installation

  • Fixed at an angle of 60° to aid the interaction

Our new favorite model for countertop kiosks - Bouncepad Eddy, is available in three colors with an elegant design.

- Tablet agnostic so your stand can last generations

  • Fits multiple size iPads

  • The freestanding base makes it easy to move around

  • Rotating base and tilt function

  • Compatible with Kensington type cables for added security

    Tip 💡 Looking for a printer? 🖨 You can see our recommendations here. Alternatively, your visitors can use our mobile pass with QR code to check in and out without a badge.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact or send us a message on the live chat.

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