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Verify the identity of your visitors with ID Match
Verify the identity of your visitors with ID Match

This article explains what ID Match is, how you can enable it and how it works.

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What is ID Match?

ID Match allows you to automatically verify the identity of your visitors by comparing the face of the visitor on their ID with the picture taken by the iPad and producing a score based on similarity. This matching score (between 0 and 100%) is displayed in the Dashboard. The name of the visitor as read from the ID is also displayed in the Dashboard.

ID Match is, therefore, a security and compliance feature that can help security and lobby staff decide who can enter the building without extra manual check.

How to enable ID Match?

Before enabling ID Match on your account, you need to know that it works best with additional hardware provided by our partner Aila.

When you receive the Aila Kiosk, you just need to insert the iPad and plug the power cable and audio jack connectors into their designated spots. After those steps are completed, the app will be able to communicate with the electronics in the Kiosk.

Once the iPad is set up in the Aila Kiosk, you can enable for your location by starting clicking the toggle for ID Match under the Settings > Integrations section.

Toggle inactive:

Toggle active:
(You will have to clear the pop up recommending the Alia stand)

After the settings in the location have been updated, you can proceed to update the settings to on the iPad

Note: This integration requires an iPad model with an audio jack port.

You will be asked to allow the Proxyclick app access to the microphone and the camera on the iPad. The microphone is used to communicate with the Aila hardware. This is why you have to plug the audio jack connector into the audio jack port of the iPad when you set up the Kiosk. The camera is used to take a live picture of the visitor to produce an image to compare against the image retrieved from the ID.

iPad Pro (4th Gen) & iPad Air (4th Gen) are part of the non-exclusive list of non-compatible models which do not have a headphone jack.

When all of this is done:

  • The iPad is plugged in the Aila Kiosk

  • Proxyclick knows you enabled ID Match

  • The iPad knows it’s in an Aila Kiosk

Then, you can make the first check-ins with ID Match

However, if you would like to test the feature without an Aila Kiosk, you can do it. In this case, you may notice:

  • The easiest way is to put your ID on a table and position the iPad above it. Holding the ID in front of the camera can cause some difficulty, which is why we recommend the holder

  • It’s essential to put the iPad close enough so the ID takes up most of the picture (if the area around the ID is too large, the name might be not recognized)

How does ID Match work?

When the visitor arrives:

1. The visitor is first presented with a disclaimer

2. Then the app asks the visitor from what region the ID comes from

3. Then the visitors are asked to scan the front of their ID

4. And the back

5. Then a picture of the visitor's face is taken

6. And finally, the system processes the images to produce a similarity match between the two pictures

The visitors won’t see the exact value of the match. The visitor will only see a grey tag with a minus sign icon or a green tag with a checkmark icon. A match is considered successful if the match is above 50%.

The visitor won’t be stopped because the match is not successful. An unsuccessful match is just a red flag (or an orange flag) in the Dashboard.

Proxyclick’s ID Match will also tell you if a card is not valid anymore, if the validity date has not been found or if the system thinks it is not a valid ID. Again, all red flag for your security team that can jump in and performs the required additional checks.

If everything is okay, the system will just give a green light.

Does it work with different types of ID?

Yes, the library is continuously updated to support IDs from 200 countries and all 50 US states. We support different types of documents such as driver’s licenses, state IDs, national IDs, or passports.

What information does Proxyclick store (privacy)?

Proxyclick does not store the picture of the whole ID (this would have significant privacy implications).

Proxyclick only stores:

  • The picture of the visitor (from the ID)

  • The first and last name of the visitor parsed from the ID (via Optical Character Recognition)

No other information from the ID is stored. If the ID is not valid anymore (expired), a flag is set on the record but the actual validity date is not stored.

Important disclaimer: It is the customer’s responsibility to activate Proxyclick features only if permitted by the applicable laws of your location.

How much does it cost?

  • An extra cost of 200$ / month will be charged for a volume of check-ins below 2,000

  • Above 2,000 check-ins, 150$ / month will be charged for every block of 1,000 visitors. Note: most locations are well below 2,000 visitors per month


What can go wrong (basic troubleshooting)?

If the ID is upside down or the lights and sound don’t come out of the Aila Kiosk, it means the iPad can’t communicate with the Aila Kiosk properly. Here is a list of things you can do to troubleshoot this issue:

  • Use Aila kiosk switch in settings

  • Check the cables (especially audio jack connector)

  • Aila kiosk needs to be powered (USB) with enough power!

This feature is part of our Premium plan.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat.

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