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Editing a visit: why are certain fields grayed out and what can I do about it?
Editing a visit: why are certain fields grayed out and what can I do about it?

Understand which fields are editable in your logbook visits

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When editing a visit, in some cases certain fields are disabled (grayed out) and cannot be edited.

These fields are disabled in order to preserve the integrity of your data in 3 specific cases:

  • When the visit is in the past

  • When the visitor is part of a group of visitors

  • When the visit is part of a recurring visit

In this article, we review these 3 cases and explain what you can do to edit these fields.

1. Time: you cannot edit a visit in the past

Background and rationale

You cannot edit a visit that is in the past (i.e. before today). That way, you’re sure data you are looking at has not been altered and reflects exactly what happened on a given day.

What to do?

In case you cannot edit a given field on a past visit, one solution is to leave a note that will then be kept in the visit audit trail.

If the field is one of your custom fields, another option is to change the setting of that field from “Visitor profile field” (whose value is remembered for future visits of that visitor) to “Visit field” (whose value is reset at every visit). Indeed, “Visit fields” can be changed even for visits in the past.

2. Visitor is member of a Group

Background and rationale

When you create a group of visitors, certain fields are the same for all group members (e.g. arrival time or host) while other fields are specific to each visitor of the group (e.g. name of the visitors).

So, when you edit one visitor of a group, you can only edit the visitor specific fields but not the group fields. This is to prevent you change the value of a field for all members of a group without noticing.

What to do?

If you need to edit group fields (host, time), just open the group edit form as indicated below.

3. Visit is recurring

Background and rationale

When you create a recurring meeting, some fields are automatically pre-filled for the entire period while some are not.

  • Visitor profile fields contain the info that remains the same for all the days (name, company, but also custom fields such as ID or country of origin for instance)

  • Visit specific fields contain the info that can vary from one day to the other (custom field “Means of transportation” for instance)

What to do?

If you need to edit a visitor profile field, you will need to update the remaining period of the recurrence (see the green block in image above). You cannot do this for 1 day only.

On the contrary, if you need to edit a visit specific field, you need to update only that specific day.

Combining the 3 cases

Of course, those 3 cases are not exclusive and you can be in a situation where you try to edit a past visit part of a recurring group of visitors. In that case, all principles (and solutions) explained above apply.

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