While Proxyclick is a visitor management solution, we easily adapt with the times and understand the need to manage employee access to protect your facilities.

We are using our learning from our existing customers and their experiences in deploying our platform to help them manage employees. Below, you'll find out how they did it.

Uploading employees as visitors

While your employees may already be users inside Proxyclick, they will also need to create their visitor profiles to facilitate their check-in process and customize their visitor flow.

Uploading your employees as visitors will allow you to do the following:

  • send them a link to complete Remote Registration,
  • pre-screen them before they arrive on site,
  • have them sign an agreement, and
  • register their "visit" in the logbook.

The most efficient way to upload your employees as visitors is to use our Group visit feature so you can upload an Excel template with all their basic information.

Group visits require Efficiency +.

Recurring visits or Permanent QR codes

The next step to facilitate employee access is to create their visits in the logbook. This will save time at the kiosk or entrance point, and it will allow you to manage capacity at your buildings to enforce physical distancing.

Below you'll find a list of Pros and Cons for each option to help you make the right decision for your organization:

Recurring visits


  1. You can schedule the employees to be on-site according to business needs or other factors, allowing you to manage capacity.
  2. The employee will receive an email with a QR code (that can be added to their mobile wallet) to allow for touchless check-in and check-out.
  3. Reminder emails can be sent to the employee on the day they are scheduled to be on-site.
  4. Employees that are scheduled for recurring visits can complete Remote Registration.
  5. You can set an end-date to the recurring visits so you can review your employee lists and activate or deactivate visitor profiles as needed.


  1. All employees that are scheduled on-site for the day will display as expected visitors on your logbook.
  2. You need to track employees' schedules to ensure you create their visits on the specific dates they will be on-site. (Alternatively, you can create a recurring visit with no end-date. But you will need to manually delete it once it's no longer needed).

Permanent QR codes


  1. The employee can check in at any time with this QR code even, when a "visit" is not scheduled.
  2. The code is valid per location, ensuring employees can only check in to the locations they are authorized in.
  3. The employee will not show up on your logbook unless they check in at the kiosk.


  1. As the employee can check in at any time, you will not be able to easily manage capacity and attendance on-site.
  2. The employee needs to request this QR code on their own on the summary screen of the kiosk as it cannot be sent in advance via email.

QR Code is a feature of Security + .

Differentiate employees from visitors

One of the key features of Proxyclick is accurate reporting and analytics, adding your employees to the logbook can impact your numbers. It is important to be able to clearly differentiate between them and to provide different experiences to each of them.

To do so, you can either create a custom field to be filled in when you pre-register employees and visitors or keep two separate logbooks—one for employees and one for visitors.

To keep two separate logbooks, you'll need to create a separate location. You can take advantage of our multi-company kiosk feature to allow for different check-in flows or you can use two separate kiosks.

In addition to keeping your employee data separately from that of your visitors, you can benefit from having two different sets of settings, notifications, and flows by having two separate locations.

An additional subscription is required for an additional location.

Print badges and easily identify your visitors

Many companies automatically print badges with Proxyclick when a visitor checks in with our conditional printing feature. You can continue to print badges for visitors, while skipping employees, to save ink and paper.

Customize your badge to include safety instructions, use Rules to label visitors with a special color and include their picture. This is now touchless as well, for added security.

Custom badges are part of Security +.

Collect the information you need via Remote Registration (Beta)

It is possible to pre-screen your visitors and employees via our Remote Registration feature. You can ask questions, display messages, images and videos, and have them sign an agreement in advance.

If the employee did not complete the required registration before arriving on site, you can still ask questions at the kiosk. To save time at the kiosk, please ensure that the custom screens match the requirements of Remote Registration in order to facilitate the process.

1. Yes/No type

2. Not stored in the visitor profile

3. Optional

Their answers will be visible on the Dashboard for your front desk team.

Finally, be sure to enable Skip if Prefilled to ensure that the questions are not shown again to those who completed the process in advance.

If you would like to learn more about creating an end-to-end touchless experience, read our article here.

Notice about Reasonable use

The Client is aware that the Services are meant to manage guests’ and visitors’ visits only. Proxyclick reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate the Subscription if it were to observe a disproportionate amount of employees being managed as visitors.

Please contact us at support@proxyclick.com if you have any questions.

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