What it does: automatically enrich Salesforce

The integration allows to automatically send information from Proxyclick to Salesforce.

Concretely, every time a contact or lead checks in on Proxyclick, the visit info will be displayed in Salesforce as an event. As a result, you have a better picture of your contacts and leads, leading to better decision-making.

For the information to be displayed:

  • The contact or lead must already exist in Salesforce
  • The email must be provided in Proxyclick (as we match the visitor and the lead/contact using the email)

Step by step guide to set up the Proxyclick-Salesforce integration


  • Admin access into Salesforce
  • A Salesforce edition with API access. If you’re not sure, please check this Salesforce article
  • Admin access into Proxyclick
  • The Salesforce add on must be included in your subscription

Steps to follow (1-minute set-up)

Step 1. Log into Proxyclick Dashboard with admin credentials and go to

Account & Settings > Salesforce and click on “Connect to Salesforce”

Step 2. This will lead you to the Salesforce login page. Please log in with your admin credentials.

Step 3. Done. Your integration is set up!

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact support@proxyclick.com or send us a message on the live chat.

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