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How to screen visitors with external watchlists
How to screen visitors with external watchlists

Keep out anyone on a relevant watchlist

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In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What is an external watchlist?

  • How to set up an external watchlist?

  • How does it work?

What is an external watchlist?

Proxyclick supports two types of watchlist: internal and external.

  • An internal watchlist is a watchlist that is created and managed within your Proxyclick account. You can find more information about internal watchlists in this article.

  • Now, on the opposite side, Proxyclick also supports external watchlists. External watchlists are not managed inside Proxyclick: they are not created in Proxyclick and you can’t add or remove records from it directly in Proxyclick. Instead, you create a link between an external watchlist provider and your Proxyclick account.

Why would you do that? Because external watchlist providers maintain an incredible amount of records in different watchlists. They update their lists often and their matching methods are highly configurable.

For the moment, Proxyclick supports one external watchlist provider: Visual Compliance.

Visual Compliance is a restricted party screening solution whose core business is to ensure that organizations fulfill their screening requirements and reach the highest compliance standards.

Common lists screened against in Visual Compliance include:

  • Export-related Restricted, Denied, and Blocked Persons Lists (e.g. Department of Commerce, Department of State and the Treasury)

  • Law Enforcement-related Wanted Persons List (e.g. FBI’s Most Wanted)

  • Sanction Programs-related Blocked Persons List (e.g. United Nations consolidated list)

  • General Service Administrations Lists (domestic)

  • Multiple additional lists related to Wanted Persons, Politically Exposed Persons, and International Terrorists and Blocked Persons

Watchlists are part of Proxyclick’s Security+ pack.

How to set up an external watchlist?

First, you need to have an account with Visual Compliance.

To do so, you can send an email to Visual Compliance will provide you access to a free trial and tailored setup assistance. They will explain and help you select the lists you want to check your visitors against. They will also help you configure the matching method that will suit your compliance needs the best.

Then, you need to add the Visual Compliance integration to your Proxyclick account. To do that, head down to Proxyclick’s Marketplace and install Visual Compliance.

Finally, Proxyclick will ask you to give two information to be able to establish the link with Visual Compliance:

  • Your security number

  • Your password

Once connected, you’re ready to go. Next time a visit is created in Proxyclick, the screening of the visitor will be done in Visual Compliance too.

How does it work?

When a visitor checks in or when a new visit is created (pre-registered) in the system, Proxyclick will now also check your visitor information with the external watchlists provider. The way your visitor information is matched with the external watchlists is configured on the provider side. All the records and the maintenance of those records is done by the provider.

Proxyclick processes the information received from the external watchlists provider and will send a message (email and optionally a text message) to the watchlists Alerts recipients configured in the watchlists settings.

If a screening produces a match, the recipients will receive an email like the following:

Note that you will always find all your Visual Compliance screenings on the Visual Compliance web portal with all additional information your security/reception staff may need to make the right decision.

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