This article explains how to store visitor NDAs (or other agreements) outside of Proxyclick in your Google Drive account. That way, your legal team can easily access all NDAs in one single folder.

How to link Proxyclick and Google Drive

Signed agreements will be stored on your Google Drive account. If you do not have a Google Drive account, you can create one here.

In Google Drive, create the folder(s) that will contain the NDAs.

Next, go to the Marketplace and find the Google Drive integration, click Install now.

You’ll now see your list of folders. Select the folder that should contain the NDAs.

The NDAs signed by your visitors with Proxyclick will now be automatically stored in your Google Drive folder too.

Multiple locations

Unfortunately, it is not possible to link multiple Proxyclick locations with the same Google Drive account. We are currently looking for ways to work around this limitation.

This integration requires the NDA storage add on to your subscription. Please contact if you have any questions.

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