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Touchless Check-in
Create an end-to-end touchless experience
Create an end-to-end touchless experience

We understand that returning to work safely is a priority, this guide explains how Proxyclick can help.

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As part of your visitor flow, you might need to ask visitors for additional information, tell them about health and safety rules, and require them to sign agreements. Below you will find an overview of features designed to help you collect the information you need while maintaining a touchless experience.

Visitor picture

Many companies use this feature to ensure that they keep a record of the visitor and to protect their locations and employees as well as adding their picture to a printed badge.

You can enable this feature in combination with Touchless Check in, in this case a countdown will display ahead of the picture being taken, to allow the visitor to position themselves to have their picture taken without touching the screen.

Custom screens

It is important to collect information from your visitors. Our Custom screens feature is designed to ask your visitor questions, and present them with images and messages relevant to their visit.
With Remote registration, you can collect their answers in advance and display important information as well as videos before they even arrive onsite. For example, to ensure they do not have any symptoms of illness. You can also empower your employees to enter this information as part of the pre-registration process.

To make the process even more efficient, activate Skip if prefilled to avoid showing screens that have been presented to the visitor or to skip questions that have been already answered.


You can send the agreement in advance to your visitor when you register them in the Dashboard, or you can make it part of your Remote Registration flow. For the latter they will have the possibility to review and sign it before they arrive onsite, saving them time and avoiding contact with the kiosk.
​Tip πŸ’‘ Edit your agreement to include any additional health and safety information to allow your visitor to review in advance

QR Code - Invitation and Visit reminder email

The QR code can now be part of the welcome screen on your kiosk. You can disable visitor identification by typing the visitor name and create a secure and touchless experience that allows your visitor to scan their QR code onsite.
Additionally, you can benefit from our Visit reminder email to ensure your visitor receives a QR code 4 hours in advance to their visit. This means it will be top of their inbox when they arrive and easy to access.
The initial invitation email can also include the QR code, or you can remove it (Settings > Notifications > Invitation email > Customize) to ensure only visitors who answered your questions in line with your health and safety policy (using Remote Registration) have access to it.

Tip πŸ’‘ Combine the QR code check in with one of our Access Control integrations to allow your visitors to enter your building (turnstiles, gates, elevators, etc.) with their mobile phone or a printed badge.

Summary Screen

You can deactivate the summary screen (Settings > Configure kiosk > Summary) to ensure that your visitors can check in from the welcome screen as soon as they scan their QR code.

If you have any additional questions about how Proxyclick can help you protect your reception and employees, please do not hesitate to contact us via the messenger in your account or at

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