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How to Save Visitor Data for Future Visits
How to Save Visitor Data for Future Visits

Efficiency is always on our mind and if your team welcomes repeat visitors, saving their information can have multiple benefits

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Remembering your guests information will reduce the amount of time your hosts and visitors will have to spend on the check in process.

There are three options when it comes to how you manage your settings that remember guests' information, from the Dashboard, the Kiosk or a permanent QR code. We'll go over each option to help you decide which will work best for your location.

The Dashboard

When a user pre-registers a visitor, if the guest's information is stored in the Address Book, as the host types their name, they'll be able to pull up their profile and automatically fill in saved information.

There are two benefits to saving your visitor's information and registering them under the same profile. The first is a shorter registration time for your hosts, the second is for your analytics and visit history. If a guest is registered under the same profile each time they visit, the visit history is stored for future reference. They will also not be prompted to sign an Agreement if there is a validity period.

In order to save the information, the host's user permissions need to include "Add visitor profiles to shared address book". Without this permission, the guest profile will not be accessible from the address book by other users.

Note: the shared address book feature is part of our Premium plan.

The Kiosk

Unexpected guests can also benefit from having their information saved on the Kiosk.

Your Visitor identification settings will allow you to permit unexpected repeat guests to register by typing in their information (we recommend using email as the identifying factor because they likelihood of a repeat email address is much lower than the first 3 letters of the name).

When your guest arrives, they only need to click the "Been here before?" button and enter their identifying information.

Their profile will load and they'll be taken the end of the check in or to any questions and/or Agreements that may need to be signed for each visit.

Permanent QR Code

In some cases, allowing returning visitors access to a permanent QR code is the best option. A permanent QR code will allow a returning guest to simply scan a permanent QR code during check in and their information will be populated automatically. This is great for a guest who is a regular at the location but doesn't necessarily keep a set schedule or have to have a visit scheduled (think IT, contractors or delivery couriers).

The guest will need to check in on their first visit but at the end, before completing check in, they can request a permanent QR code be created and sent to the email they provided.

In order to activate the feature, the setting will have to be changed in the Proxyclick Logbook settings. Check the box and relaunch the app and you're all set.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat.

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