The Touchless Check-in feature allows visitors to check-in and out of a building without touching the kiosk.

Visitors scan their QR code on the welcome screen of a kiosk by simply holding it up to the camera. No touching required.

How to enable or disable the Touchless Check-in feature

Settings > Visits settings > Configure kiosk > Welcome screen

Note: Adjusting the toggle will add or remove the QR reader from the welcome screen for all kiosks connected to a location. Changes are reflected immediately and no restart is required.

5 things you need to know about the QR reader

1. The QR reader uses the kiosk's front-facing camera. This lets visitors easily position their QR code towards the reader

2. The QR reader can be used both for checking in and checking out

3. Checking out: the visitor will see a confirmation message on the welcome screen which disappears after a few seconds

4. When a QR code is not recognized, first an error message is shown and then the screen returns to a normal state

5. It is still possible to check-in/out by touching the kiosk, even if the Touchless Check-in feature is enabled

Is Touchless Check-in available on multi-tenant kiosks?


When enabled, the welcome screen of the multi-tenant kiosk will display the QR reader next to the list of tenant logos. See below:

When a visitor scans the QR code on the multi-tenant screen, the kiosk will automatically switch to the relevant hosting tenant. The visitor no longer has to select a tenant when they have a QR code. The same applies for check-out.

Reminder: The Touchless Check-in feature needs to be enabled in the kiosk settings of the location that is connected to the multi-tenant kiosk.

Tip 💡 You can create an end-to-end touchless experience by using this feature in combination with others. Visit this article for more information.

Touchless Check in is currently available as part of our Security+ pack.

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