Why delete visits?

Certain data privacy regulations (such as the European GDPR and California's CCPA), require that you do not store visit details longer than absolutely necessary. This means personal data should only be used for as long as it is needed to carry out activities it facilitates, after which it should to be deleted.

The million dollar question we get is "What should this period be?"


that depends on your specific use case.

The important part is to be able to explain why you chose a specific period. If that helps, the median period we observing is 180 days, with the lowest value being 1 day and the largest 10 years.

When the time comes to delete the visits, you have 2 options to delete 2 different sets of data, visit data and visitor data.

**Please note: Deleted data cannot be restored, recovered and will not appear on exports. Use caution when deleting data.**

Deleting Visit Data

Deleting visits can be done manually or (if your subscriptions allows) automatically.

Manual deletion

Visits can be deleted directly from the Dashboard. Up to 100 visits can be selected at a time for deletion. Select the visits to be deleted and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find the option to delete the visits. Repeat as needed until the visits are removed from the Dashboard.

This feature is a permissions based option. If you do not have adequate permissions to delete visits, you will not have the option listed on your Dashboard. We recommend reaching out to your site administrator to review your permissions.

Automatic deletion

Some subscriptions have access to the automatic visit deletion feature, Retention period. This feature allows you to set a time frame to retain visits and will automatically remove them as they exceed the pre-determined time.

By default, accounts are set to keep the visits until the account is closed but the setting can be updated to delete a visit after the number of days, months or years you enter.

  • Each day at midnight, visits that exceed the retention period are deleted
  • Visits deleted will no longer be visible on the Dashboard
  • Entries in a visitor's profile will not reflect visits deleted by the Retention period
  • Deleted visits will not impact the Analytics

Deleting Visitor Data

For a more in depth removal of data, Proxyclick offers the option to delete a visitor's information in addition to a visits information. As with the visit data, deleting visitor profile data is permanent and cannot be recovered once it has been removed.

Address Book

Visitor profiles can be deleted in bulk up to 100 at a time from the Visitors address book. Select the names to be deleted, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose "Delete"

Individual entries

Individual entries can be deleted from the Address book or from the profile. Click on the name of the visitor to open the profile. The visit details can be reviewed and edited from this section.

Deleting the visitors saved on the Kiosk

If you have selected feature to remember returning visitors on the Kiosk, these profiles can be removed separately from visitor profiles stored in the Address Book. The profiles stored on the Kiosk are used for unexpected visitors registering at the time of arrival (Address Book entries are used for pre-registration). From the Address Book main page, click on the link located in the upper right side of the screen, above below the name menu and Help link.

Confirm your selection to delete all visitor profiles and wait for the confirmation to confirm the visitors have been removed.

Still need help with deleting visits and visitors? Please feel free to contact us at support@proxyclick.com or click the little blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

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