Additional privacy measures for users

New and existing users of Proxyclick must confirm and approve their information before being added to a location

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It has always been important to Proxyclick to protect user information. It is one of the main reasons Proxyclick requires administrators to request confirmation from a user to be added to a location. This is how we protect a user's existing profile information, as well as the knowledge that a Proxyclick account exists.

When the administrator adds a user to a new location, the user must confirm/approve the profile information entered by the administrator. The user confirms this by email.

Below are examples of emails a user will receive to join Proxyclick and to accept access to a new location.

Example of invitation email:

Example email to access a location and view in the dashboard:

If a user is not a part of any location, they will have to create a new account.

Please remember, this process will not hinder the user experience and it does not apply when you activate one of our enterprise-level user provisioning options.

If you have any other questions or feedback please reach out to our support team at or send us a quick message to our live chat.

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