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How to use the Auto Check-out feature
How to use the Auto Check-out feature

You can choose to automatically check-out visitors at a specific time of day using this feature

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What is the Auto Check-out feature?

This feature will allow you to automatically check out visitors at a specific time of day.

For example, if a visitor is in status "checked-in" 12 hours after the visitor was expected to leave the building, the visitor will automatically be placed in the "checked-out" status. See the "status" screenshot below.

The Auto Check-out feature mimics the daily routine of your "office closure" and ensures all visitors are checked out by the end of the day. For example, if your location closes at 9 pm and there are no staff members in the building, then no one will be marked as "checked-in".

Step by step guide to checking out visitors at a specific time of day

Turning on the Auto Check-out feature is very easy.

Step 1. Navigate to Settings > Visit Settings > Logbook. Once you scroll down the page you'll see the Auto Check-out option. See below.

Step 2. Select which time of day you want visitors to be checked out at and you're done!

Remember, if a visitor is still "checked-in" 12 hours after a scheduled check-out, they will automatically be placed in status "checked-out".

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Using Auto Check-out.

1. Auto Check-out will only happen for visitors with status "checked in" regardless of planned check-out time.

2. If you choose a specified time, the Auto Check-out will occur daily.

3. Visitors who check-in on the same day after a specified time is selected, the visitors will be automatically checked out the next day.

4. If the auto check-out method changes from "closure" to "timespan", the system will immediately check out visitors that are checked in and whose planned check-out is older than the selected timespan.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat.

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