How Does Auto Check-out Work

This feature will automatically check out visitors at a specific time of day.

For example, if a visitor is in status "checked-in" 12 hours after the visitor is expected to leave the building, the visitor will automatically be placed in the "checked-out" status. See the "status" screenshot below.

The Auto Check-out feature mimics the daily routine of your "office closure" and ensures all visitors are checked out by the end of the day. For example, if your location is closed after 9 pm and there are no staff members in the building, then no one should be marked as "checked-in".

Using Auto Check-out

Turning on the Auto Check-out feature is very easy.

Navigate to Settings > Visit Settings > Logbook. Once you scroll down the page you'll see the Auto Check-out option. See below.

Remember, if a visitor is still "checked-in" 12 hours after a scheduled check-out, they will automatically be placed in status "checked-out".

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Using Auto Check-out.

1. Auto Check-out will only happen for visitors with status "checked in" regardless of planned check-out time.

2. If you choose a specified time, the Auto Check-out will occur daily.

3. Visitors who check-in on the same day after a specified time is selected, the visitors will be automatically checked out the next day.

4. If the auto check-out method changes from "closure" to "timespan", the system will immediately check out visitors that are checked in and whose planned check-out is older than the selected timespan.

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