How to send automatic reminder emails to your visitor

Have your visitor receive an email to remind them of an upcoming visit

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What is Visit reminder email?

If you’re worried a visitor might forget their scheduled meeting, the building address, or lose their QR code, worry no more. In addition to the invitation email, Proxyclick has created a Visit reminder email.

A Visit reminder email can include details such as the meeting location, date/time, and the QR code. It is sent out 4 hours before the visitor's planned visit, to ensure easy access to the most up to date information.

The feature is available in our Security+ plan.

How to activate the Visit reminder email

If you're an administrator, you can easily turn on the Visit reminder email by going to the Settings > Notifications page. See the screenshot below.

3 things to know when using the Visit reminder email feature

1. You can activate or deactivate it at any time from the Notifications settings.

2. You can easily customize it by clicking on the customize button. You'll then be taken to the page below to tailor the email as you like.

3. If you decide to include a QR code, the QR code will be placed at the top of the email. See below.

What happens if I cancel a scheduled visit?

When a visit is canceled before a reminder email is sent, the reminder email will not be sent.

Does Visit reminder email work for group visits?

Yes. The email can be sent for group visits as well.

When does the reminder go out?

The email is sent 4 hours before the meeting is scheduled.

If you have any other questions or feedback, please reach out to our support team at or send us a quick message to our live chat.

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