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How to set up your visitor's Remote registration
How to set up your visitor's Remote registration

Pre-screen your visitors before they arrive at your location

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This feature allows you to screen your visitors and collect information by asking questions, displaying messages, videos, and images.

You can also use it with Smart Rules to politely decline their visit based on their answers, and protect your employees and other visitors.

The answers to these questions will become visible in the Dashboard as soon as the questionnaire is completed, allowing the visitor to digitally sign the agreement and receive a QR code for a touch-less check-in.

This feature can be activated from your Settings page on your Dashboard, under Visits Settings.

Set up remote registration

The process to configure this feature is similar to our current Custom Screens feature. Once activated in your account, you will find it under Visitors.

Then you can simply click on Configure registration flow to add a custom welcome message, and as many questions as needed with additional images or videos.

Add a welcome message

Under the message tab, you'll be able to enter a custom welcome message to your visitors that will display as soon as they click their unique link. Here, you can notify them of the upcoming questions and add any additional instructions.

Note: You can only add one message to the flow.

Add questions

Under the Questions tab, your existing Custom Screens normally shown on the kiosk will be available here. You can remove or add questions from Settings > Visitors > Logbook (Find out more about adding and editing custom fields).

Then you can click on the questions and place them in the desired order:

Use Rules to notify hosts of the responses that require review.

The following custom fields can be added to your Remote Registration flow:
1. Standard fields, for example, email, mobile number, plate number, etc.
2. Custom fields, included multiple option questions (List), free text, and date on top of those that can be answered with "Yes" or "No"

Add images and videos

To enhance your visitor experience and to highlight Health and Safety policies, you can also add images and videos.

Please note that you will need the video URL to add it to the flow, at the moment it is only possible add YouTube videos to the flow - you can store your videos privately so they are not exposed to the public. See details here.

Notifications to your visitors

After remote registration has been activated and your pre-visit questions have been set, your visitors will receive an email to instruct them to prepare for their visit. A reminder can also be sent.

You can set up the timing that works best for you from the settings page under Settings>Visitor>Remote Registration

Tip 💡 For daily recurring visits, only one notification will be sent per day. Consider this to schedule your notifications. i.e. if you set to 12 hrs. in advance and your meeting is at 7 am - the notification for a visit that occurs every day will be sent at midnight.

Notifications to your hosts

If you have set up a rule to any of these questions and the flow indicates "No check-in," an email will be sent to the host to inform them accordingly.

The Remote registration feature is part of our Essential plan (*Smart Rules are only available on the Premium plan).

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us at or send us a message on the live chat.

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