What is the Skip If Prefilled option? 

This feature allows a returning visitor to skip a question Proxyclick already has the answer to. Questions such as as "Type of visitor". We created the Skip If Prefilled option to make the check-in process much easier for reoccurring visitors.

How does it work?

If a former visitor already answered a question from a past check-in (or the host has provided an answer during the visit creation) such as "License Plate", "Mobile Phone", "Type of Visitor", or "Purpose of Visit", the visitors information will be remembered. A visitor who has checked in, and entered their information correctly, will not be shown the same custom field during their next visit.  

To activate and complete the Skip If Prefilled option, perform the three steps below.

Step #1: Select a custom screen to be prefilled.

You need to select a pre-defined answer or a standard field question when managing custom screens. This will allow Proxyclick to remember the visitors information the next time they sign in. 

Examples of standard fields: Email, Company, Purpose of visit, Type of visitor, Mobile Phone, License plate

Step #2: Turn on the Skip If Prefilled toggle.

Go to the Custom Screens page and click the toggle option on. 

Step #3: Test the Skip If Prefilled option.

Once you complete the steps above, test the Skip If Prefilled option on your Kiosk. 

For example: Below is the screen where visitors enter their name and company information. The screen will not show to a returning visitor who already filled in their full name, company and email correctly.

Example #2: Again, the screen below will not show to a returning visitor who already correctly selected the type of visitor they are.

Remember, this option will no longer show customs screens where a selection was previously made by the visitor, we recommend to activate the summary screen in case the visitor needs to edit their previous answers. To activate the summary screen go to Settings - Configure kiosk - Summary.

If you have any other questions or feedback please reach out to our support team at support@proxyclick.com or send us a quick message to our live chat.

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