Custom fields are personalized questions you can set up to request additional information from your visitors.  
Note: Custom fields DO NOT have to be displayed to guests, they can be strictly for internal use.  To manage your custom fields, click on Logbook within the Visits Settings section:

Custom Screens

A custom screen is a custom field that is added to the check in process for guests to answer during their registration.
To set up a custom screen, first create the custom field in your Logbook.  Once all questions have been added go to Settings-> Visits Settings ->Configure Kiosk ->Custom Screens-> Manage custom screens.
Click on the question you want to add to your check in and arrange them on the page.  Make sure they are connected with a step before and/or after.  Your flow will look something like this when you're done:

Smart Rules (Custom Flow)

A custom flow or Smart Rules is when you can create different paths based on the answers your guests enter.  
The Smart Rules start the same, create your questions in the logbook and arrange them in the custom screens section.  The Smart Rules change when you start to add the steps for the path in the menu on the side of the screen: 

 You can determine what your visitor will see based on how they answer.  
Once you've gotten all of your rules in place, your custom flow can look similar to this:

You can add images or messages to your check in along with your questions.  (Unfortunately, right now videos aren't an option but we're working on it 😊) 

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