How to manage office deliveries with Proxyclick

We explain how to manage office deliveries with Proxyclick

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What is Deliveries?

At Proxyclick we understand that managing the arrival of packages can slow down lobby staff and visitor check in.

With our Deliveries feature couriers can notify recipients directly from the Kiosk and your lobby staff can track the package status and interact with employees straight from the Dashboard.

How to enable Deliveries?

You can enable Deliveries on the kiosk and/or on the Dashboard by going to Settings > Deliveries.

If you only select “Deliveries on the kiosk app,” couriers will be able to notify recipients from the kiosk

What does the courier/delivery person see?

When clicking on the Delivery icon, there will be a prompt to enter the name of the recipient.

If it is unknown, or if the name of the recipient does not show as an option, the courier can select the "I don't know" option. This will send the delivery notification to the user defined as your default notification recipient. That element can be found in your account Settings > Configure Kiosk > Host identification > Default recipient.

If you select “Deliveries on the Dashboard”:

  • Users will see the Deliveries icon on the left sidebar navigation. From there, you’ll be able to add, search, delete deliveries and send reminders to recipients (more on that in the next section).

  • Recipients will be able to confirm they received the notification with 1 click.

  • If you also enabled “Deliveries on the kiosk”, then Dashboard will display the Deliveries created from the two sources: Kiosk and Dashboard.

The next sections explain the main actions you can perform from the Dashboard:

How to add a Delivery from the Dashboard?

We made it easy to add one delivery at a time or multiple deliveries at once.

  • Only one delivery? Click “Add delivery,” search and select a recipient, and click “Send”

  • Want to add a custom message for the recipient? Follow the same steps, but just add a note (optional)

  • More than one delivery? Click “Add delivery,” search and select multiple recipients, click “Send”

  • Want to send a different message for each recipient? Click “Add delivery,” search, and select a recipient to leave a note. Then click “Send and continue” to open a new delivery form.

What does the recipient see?

After you’ve clicked “Send,” the recipient will receive an email notification.

From this email, the recipient can reply back with a saved reply or with a custom message.

Other actions 

From the Dashboard, reception teams can do a number of things:

  • See the whole list of past and present deliveries (created from kiosk or Dashboard)

  • Search by recipient 

  • Send reminders

  • Check the events log for a particular delivery 

How to manage rights?

Every user will see their own Deliveries. Users with the right “Can view all deliveries” will be able to see and manage all deliveries. This right is by default activated in the User group “Reception.”

What if you have multiple delivery areas? 

If you have more than one delivery area, you can define “entrances” in Proxyclick. These entrances are displayed in the Dashboard, but also in the email notification sent to the recipient (so he knows where to pick up the delivery). 

Entrances can be defined on the computer of the people managing delivery areas and/or on the kiosks.

This feature is part of our Essential plan.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat.

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