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How to access and use our analytics and reporting functionality

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Our users enjoy the ability to track and measure the data on their visitor check-ins via the Report section (analytics) in the Dashboard.

At a glance, you are able to get quick, actionable answers to the top questions that any front desk team or a facility manager wants to know:

  • Find out what your peak times are and increase staffing accordingly;

  • Detect seasonality and get the monthly breakdown of visitor status so you can plan better;

  • Determine if you need to increase your pre-registering efforts for a better visitor experience;

  • Learn if you need to make adjustments for hosts that handle an unusually high volume of check-ins.

This also includes the ability to choose the reporting period; from now on you can choose from Last Week, Last Month, 6 Months or a Custom period.


Exporting all visitor data is easy and fast with exports on the Logbook. 

You’ll notice the secure link to your export is sent via email, so you can continue working while we’re processing your export.

The Export button is easy to find - it lives on the top right of your Dashboard after login so you’ll always be just a few clicks away from it.

Building View

Building view makes it possible for you to group multiple locations together into so-called Buildings.

Buildings are a powerful feature that allows you to perform actions on several related locations at once.

This will especially make a difference for two types of companies:

  • Large corporations that have multiple subsidiaries in need of aggregating locations within the Dashboard for further manipulation;

  • Property management companies operating buildings with many tenants.

Using buildings has two clear benefits for these companies: 

  • The ability to download the emergency lists for all grouped locations at once;

  • The ability to export all the data per Building for all locations within.

Creating and managing Buildings is easy - clicking the location overview on the left side of your Dashboard will take you to a screen where you can see all your locations along with some key pieces of data. Then it’s just a matter of grouping them together into Buildings.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat.

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