Defining User Rights for your User Groups

In the User Rights section of the account settings, you will see different User Groups for which you can define the features each one has access to. The different user groups are:

  • Default (hosts who can invite external visitors on their own behalf and only see their own visits)
  • Administrators (have access to all settings and can change setup at any any stage)
  • Reception (can view all the visitors throughout the day)
  • Security (can view all visitors of the day and configure watchlists)
  • Assistants (can create visits on behalf of other users)
  • Agents (additional user group if you need one - integrations, etc)

To access the user rights for each of these groups, go to settings and under 'General Settings' click on 'User rights'

Here is where you will see all of the User Groups and have the ability to configure which features they can have access to.
Here are more details about each feature (🔎click the image to zoom in and download a PDF version):

☝Important things to note: 

  • The group names (Default, Administrator, Reception, etc.) cannot be edited and it isn't possible to add/remove a user group
  • Users can belong to multiple user groups
  • User rights are only configurable within the settings found on the Dashboard

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