What is the Emergency List?

You can use the Emergency List to generate a real-time list of on-site visitors, contractors and employees via the Dashboard or the smartphone app and contact visitors in case of an emergency.

This feature is part of our Essential plan.

Important💡 Access to the Emergency List is controlled by the user permission "See all visitors of the day" (Settings > User rights). Users without this permission will not be able to access the emergency list icon.

How to configure an Emergency List

On the Dashboard, the Emergency List icon is located in the lower-left side of the page:

Click the icon to expand the menu of options.

"Print Emergency list" generates a file that contains all visitors and employees whose status is "Checked In". The list can be printed or accessed from a phone using the provided QR code:

You can text a message directly from the Dashboard to all visitors that have a valid mobile number and a status of "Checked In":

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact support@proxyclick.com or send us a message on the live chat.

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