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How Proxyclick's guest Wi-Fi works
How Proxyclick's guest Wi-Fi works
Improve your visitor experience by allowing your visitors to receive Wi-Fi credentials to connect to your network at check in
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How does the guest Wi-Fi work?

Proxyclick's Wi-Fi integration offers a hosted RADIUS server for your system to connect to. This means your visitor network can point to these hosted servers and authenticate the visitors via those servers.

Both a main and backup IP will be provided, and there is a wide variety of regions we can host the IP's to ensure a low latency for your visitors to authenticate. We'll pick the servers closest to what's set up in your Proxyclick settings.

Tip πŸ’‘ With this integration, you'll be able to customize the length of the password, the type of password (numeric or alpha numeric), the type of username (Guest1234 or johndoe1234), and a small piece of text to add to our default message for the visitor.

What your guests will see

This default message is provided in English, Dutch, and French and reads:

Welcome to {CompanyName}. Here are your Wi-Fi credentials:
Username: {Username}
Password: {Password}

The credentials become valid at the time the user checks in and are no longer valid after check out. Providing you with peace of mind that your network is limited to guests who are currently on-site and checked in.

Any Wi-Fi controller which supports WPA-Enterprise with custom RADIUS server ports can be used with this integration. Some of the more common controllers that posses this feature are:

  • Aerohive

  • Aruba

  • Cisco ISE

  • Cisco WLC

  • Fortigate

  • Meraki

  • pfSense

  • Ubiquiti

This feature is available for additional fees with the Premium plan.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat.

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