Printing from the iPad via SDK

This option is only available in selected Brother devices

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This article explains how to print badges from the Proxyclick iPad app over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on a Brother supported printer. 

Over Wi-Fi

If both the iPad and the printer are on the same network, you can follow the same steps as Printing from the iPad via AirPrint.

Then just enable the Brother SDK switch in the iPad Settings as seen below:

Then, make sure you choose the right Brother Model from the list of models:

And you can optionally change the quality level of the printing:

Please follow this link to find the list of supported Brother printer models.

If your printer model is not on the list or if you choose the wrong model, the printing will fallback to AirPrint if available or fail if not available.

Over Bluetooth

Printing over Bluetooth is convenient in lobbies without Wi-Fi or if one or both devices can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network for some reason.

Tip 💡 you can only “pair” one iPad with one printer at a time with this method.

The first step if you want to print badges over Bluetooth is to pair the iPad and the printer.

Open the Settings app on the iPad, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both the printer and the iPad:

Tap the printer you want to connect to and wait for the prompt to pair them together.

Once done, you should see something like this:

Now, if you scroll down in the list on the left and find Proxyclick, you just need to make sure the Brother SDK enabled switch is switched on.

When printing over Bluetooth, you do not need to know the printer model but you can still change the quality level of the printing.

⚠️ Even if you are not printing over Wi-Fi, the iPad app needs to know it needs to print badges. This can be done by saving an IP address (eg. but it can be any IP address in this case) in the Badge and printer section of your company Settings.

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