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Proxyclick: Five ways to manage your visitors, employees and contractors
Proxyclick: Five ways to manage your visitors, employees and contractors

We offer five ways to interact with Proxyclick: the Dashboard, the Kiosk, our mobile app Proovr, Remote Registration and the Outlook Add-in

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The Dashboard (web app)

For users, Proxyclick is available via the web. Here you have access to the settings as well as these features:

-The Logbook (to track and pre-register your visitors)
-Visitors Address Book
-Location Overview
ย -Analytics ย 

You will need a username and password to access this application. See details here.
โ€‹Tip ๐Ÿ’ก The Dashboard is also the app to configure your flows and kiosk app


Kiosk app (exclusive or iPadOS)

Proxyclick Visitor Management is your visitors and contractors' main way of interacting with Proxyclick. You have the ability to customize the app with your branding, add Custom Screens, show different flows based on the visitor type with Smart Rules.


This is our mobile app for employees, they can manage their visitors and their own office presence, including access keys and questionnaires. Available for iOS and Android.

Remote Registration and Touchless Check-in

Mobile friendly ways to allow your visitors and contractors to complete their registration or check-in, this is browser based and works with any browser and mobile device.

The Outlook Add-in and generic calendar integration

You don't have to access the Proxyclick Dashboard to pre-register your visitors, you can do so right from your calendar.
Find details about our Outlook Add-in and other calendar integrations here.
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If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat.


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