Using a dedicated printer for each kiosk can come in handy in multiple situations, whether it's because you have a busy reception or you have multiple entrances to your location, giving each kiosk it's own printer may be the way to go. 

There are two options to set up the printer, via Airprint or via Print Proxy (this is generally determined by your printer type and the subscription level of your location)

Printing via Airprint

The example we are using is a 1:1 ratio of printer to kiosk but it is possible to set up any combination of printers to kiosks (example 3 kiosks to 2 printers)

Airprint printing is only available for Airprint enabled printers.  If you are unsure of your printer's features, please check your instruction manual. 

Ensure that the printers you want to connect are on the same network as the kiosks. Example Kiosk 1 and printer 1 must be on the same network and Kiosk 2 and printer 2 must both be on the same network. 

Start by setting up a printer to Kiosk 1 to Printer 1.  If you have not yet done this, please  go here for instructions on setting up a printer.

Once you have connected Kiosk 1 to Printer 1, you can proceed to connect the remaining kiosks to their printers.

From the settings in your iPad, scroll to the Proxyclick app. First, ensure the print enabled toggle is green (this should be done on all printers).  Take the IP address from the printer you would like to attach to this kiosk and enter it into the Overwrite IP address defined in Dashboard field. 

Once the new IP address is in the field, you're all set!  

Repeat as needed to set up any other kiosks that you would like to have on your account. 

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