How to customize badges

Use our Badge Editor feature to create a unique and functional badge

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What is the Badge Editor?

Proxyclick understands that badges contribute to creating a secure and safe visitor experience. The Badge Editor lets you design a badge that shows safety icons, includes images and QR-codes to achieve just that.

How to customize your badge

From the Settings menu, click on Badge and printer, then, click on Customize

Tip 💡 If you would like to start with a template badge, click on Choose a new template instead of the Customize button.

Choosing a template

After choosing a template, you can begin customizing your badge:

Start with color and measurements, located on the right side of the badge.  
Your printer instructions will provide the necessary details. Be sure you are keeping the criteria inline with your printer's capabilities to ensure the best quality badge.

Tip 💡 If millimeters is not the desired measurement, click on the dropdown to change the measurements to inches.

Use the fields on the left to add the details to your badge:

Looking for help on what to add?

The most common fields to add to badges are:

  • Logo: located in Add image

  • Visitor name: located in Add visit info

  • Visit date: located in Add visit info

  • Host name: located in Add visit info

  • Company custom fields: located in Add Custom field

  • QR code (Available with Security +)

Tip: To offer your guests the best check in experience possible, the QR code on the badge should be as large as possible.
Ideally you'll want the QR code to be a minimum of 1 inch or 25 mm.

To edit the information on the badge (location, size, color or font) click on the data you'd like to edit.  

To edit the font (color, size, style, and alignment in the field), use the menu to the left after clicking on the field: 

To move the field, hover on the border line until the icon changes to a pointing finger.  

To resize it, hover over the boxes on the corner of the dotted border until the double-sided arrow appears

Note: When resizing, remember to allow sufficient space for all information (like long first and last names in the visitor name field).  If the field is not large enough to accommodate the  information, it will be cut off. 

You can also add rules to your template fields. Rules can be set based on your custom fields to hide specific items. To apply a rule, click on the specific field and add the rule. This way, different types of visitors can have different badges.

After all information is added and arranged in a matter that is fitting, click Save

The badge is now ready for printing.  

If at any time, revisions are needed, any portion of the badge can be individually edited. 

This feature is part of our Premium plan.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat.

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