Step 1: Check system requirements

Please review these requirements before attempting the Dashboard printing setup.

  • The PC must use Windows 7, 8 or 10. ¬†No other operating system is compatible.¬†
  • Confirm the printer is connected to the PC
  • The Dashboard set up can only be used on Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (10+)¬†

Step 2: Launch the wizard

From the Logbook in the Dashboard, click on the printer icon:

The Wizard will check for the correct settings and formatting needed to allow badge printing from the Dashboard to occur, including:

  • All necessary programs have been installed
  • Browser Settings (remember, only Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (10+) are compatible)
  • Badge Format

Click on the top line to launch the Wizard:

The Wizard pop up will appear, click on Next to begin the Dashboard set up:

Select the printer you would like to use.  Click Next:
Note: If you cannot find the printer, ensure it is installed as a local printer)

Review settings for the printer are correct:
Note: Some badge roll sizes will be listed multiple times, in different formats (i.e. 2 x 4 inches or 5 x 10 cm)  If your badge size is not listed, try searching for other compatible sizes.

Click Activate Printing

Your Dashboard printing is set up, now get to printing!

This will need to be repeated for each computer that needs to print badges.  This may also need to be repeated if the cookies are cleared from the computer.  

Having trouble setting up the Dashboard printing?  Feel free to contact us via chat or email,

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