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How to Add Users (hosts) Individually and in Bulk to Your Location
How to Add Users (hosts) Individually and in Bulk to Your Location

In this article, we will layout the process for adding users to a location. The article highlights both the individual and bulk process.

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Before you start the process, confirm you have the correct permission that includes adding a user to your account.  

If you can't access the screens shared in this article, we recommend you check with your site Admin to confirm you have the correct permissions.

Importing users individually

Step 1: Click on the Employees tab on the dashboard:

Step 2: To add a single employee, click on Add user:

Step 3: Enter the email address of the user to be created and click Next.

Step 4: Enter the user's personal details.

Step 5: Click Save.


  • If you would like this user to have the ability to log in, then check the box 'Send invitation'

  • If you would like to set permissions for the user, you must check the 'Send invitation' box. If an invitation is not sent, the user will still be able to be a host, however, the user will not be able to log into Proxyclick

  • Your user will receive an email notifying them they have been added to a location. If the user does not click the link in the email, their access to the account will not be completed

Importing Users in Bulk

Step 1: Click on the Employees tab on your Dashboard

Step 2: To add multiple users, click on Bulk Upload.

Step 3: Click Download to get the latest copy of the file used to edit users. Make the necessary changes by adding users, removing users (delete the whole line, not just the data in the fields), or updating user details.

Step 4: Save file and go back to the Dashboard and click Choose file. Choose the user upload file and click open. 

Step 5: Click Upload.

Note: If you have users in your company, you must download the file to make changes. Uploading a file that does not contain the users currently in the system at the time of upload will delete all users not listed on the upload. 

Step 6: Review the number of changes that will be made. If this page does not reflect the expected changes, click the 'X' and review the upload file for the necessary corrections.
If the changes are correct, then click Import.

A status bar will appear while changes are being made. Please keep in mind: the higher the number of changes, the longer the import will take. 

If all changes are accepted, then you will receive a confirmation.  

This feature is part of our Essential plan.

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